Byrnes – Ennistymon – Eire Visit Review: 12,6

Motley !

Establishment with strange decoration since the facade is extremely colorful, the entrance is quite chic, with some stools and a nice bar, then the intermediate room, absolutely not lit, and the third room which gives on a beautiful terrace with a view on the famous waterfalls of Ennistymon. But this room has filthy chairs and plastic tablecloths that compete with them.


Byrne's Façade 3

Byrne’s Façade 3



Byrne's Bar

Byrne’s Bar


Byrne's Pain

Byrne’s Pain


The menu of the restaurant is also rather odd since there is a traditional Persian entry, the Ghormeh sabzi. I could not resist the discovery of this offbeat dish in Ireland!

Entertaining but slightly too seasoned Greek fenu which gives a bitter tip a little unpleasant. But overall good.


Byrne's Ghormazabzi

Byrne’s Ghormazabzi


The seafood chowder is a kind of seafood soup. Well… here it is, it’s nice…


Byrne's Seafood chowder

Byrne’s Seafood chowder


Serrano ham mullet is interesting. Too bad it is placed on a beautiful mass of mash potatoes very compact and embellished with two good large half grilled shallots.


Byrne's Mulet serrano

Byrne’s Mulet serrano


The plate of the sea is good but deserves better than the banal cocktail sauce. The crab claws are cooked in a very powerful broth.


Byrne's Assiette de la mer

Byrne’s Assiette de la mer


As for the famous waterfalls, we were not lucky because we came after 15 days without rain in the region! Yes, it is possible in Ireland. So they were dry. This gives a rarer image …


Byrne's Vue 2

Byrne’s Vue 2


Byrne's Terrasse

Byrne’s Terrasse



Bill of 59.80 euros for 2.


Byrne's Addition

Byrne’s Bill

Date of the visite: 1970 January
Exceptional view

Byrne's Façade 3

Tel: 00 353 86 826 5688
Addrese: Main St, Ennistimon, Co. Clare, Irlande

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