Brasserie La Lorraine – Paris – France Visit Review: 16

Top of the range Brasserie.

- Gérard Delaunay

La Lorraine is one of those Brasseries that have long since have its back to the medium-range volume to turn towards a selection of quality products, even if it means cutting itself off from a certain clientele. There is no value judgment in this finding, especially since the result is good.

I will remember for a long time my first veal steak there, even before work restored it to the luster of yesteryear. Perfect cooking. No complaints.

Invoiced today 32 euros but it deserves them.

Of course, there is Canadian lobster. But why limit yourself when there is Blue? The sole of 400 grams is only 49 euros.

Do not complain, it’s more expensive at Allard since Ducasse bought it back. Oyster choice to die for. And desserts to order at the beginning of the meal, so a real live job.

For the soufflé au Grand-Marnier, I still have a preference for Josephine-Chez Dumonet. It is true that I made a lot during my CAP (NVQ)!

Date of the visite: 2011 November
Brasserie ,Products of the sea
La Lorraine

Tel: 00 33 1 56 21 22 00
Addrese: 2 Place des Ternes 75008 Paris

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