Au Trou gascon – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.2


- Clément Thouvenot

The institution is the desperation of the gastronomic chronicler. Making a paper once again dithyrambic at the risk of tiring the reader who will say to himself “Another one who was feed for free” or to make a takedown piece unjustified to make the buzz and be sure you have a few press covers when you are in the dark about notoriety.

Well, it’s difficult because I paid my check and it’s good! Okay, I did not make my original by taking stir-fried foie gras and cassoulet, my second therapeutic dish after couscous.

But what do you want? I do not change a dish that wins.

It is true that this restaurant still has a terrible defect. It is located rue Taine, next to the Place Daumesnil, which for any average Parisian (and for US tourists, it’s worth!) is end of the world. Vladivostok seems less lost. And yet, it seems that the Landes have given appointments since previously, I had some habits at La Flambée, restaurant held by Michel Roustan, a few numbers down in the street, also offering excellent cassoulet.

So, I just gave you the proof, the rue Taine is and will remain a Gascon excrescence in Paris and Alain Dutournier the last of the Sanche of cassoulet in Paris.

Date of the visite: 2010 December
Collège culinaire de France ,Michelin Stars ,Traditional

Tel: 00 33 1 43 44 34 26
Addrese: 40 rue Taine 75012 Paris

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