Au p’tit Cahoua – Paris – France (T800!) Visit Review: 15.8

My couscous cantina.


As for pizza, the war of the best couscous in Paris is illusory. Between its Berber origins and its Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian versions, there is enough to maintain the long evenings of endless debates. Still, couscous (like pizza!) does not support mediocrity. Vegetables, meat, semolina, it is necessary to respect a minimum the product to arrive at a result of quality. We have all undergone some restaurants in the North African decorum the way they do it at Walt Disney.

Au p'tit Cahoua Salle

Au p’tit Cahoua                    


As for the Petit Cahoua, it’s one of my canteens for over 10 years and my main dish is couscous méchoui. Not that the others are not good, but this dish has a therapeutic effect on me. A shot of blues? A desire to cook nothing at home? Here, never disappointment.


Au p'tit Cahoua Tajine

Au p’tit Cahoua                                                      Tajine


Au p’tit Cahoua             Couscous Méchoui


Although I am known to one and all, I do not think I have any special treatment. Except for the Boukha!

It’s just good, efficient, with little secrets of the chef that I keep … secrets! An appetizer, Briouates Rossini (foie gras) that are always the delight of my daughter, or a pastilla milk for dessert, for those who would remain a small place in the stomac.


If a have a little regret, it is with the new decoration. Always nice but a bit more noisy than the old one.

Date of the visite: 2017 November
North-African ,T800
Au p'tit Cahoua Salle

Tel: 00 33 1 47 07 24 42
Addrese: 39 Boulevard Saint-Marcel 75013 Paris

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