A la duchesse Anne – Saint-Malo – France

Lying against the wall of Saint-Malo, the place is in line with what is expected of this kind of “bourgeois” houses. Beautiful doors with carved wood lintels, tablecloths, beautiful glasses, everything is a priori so that we spend a good time.

The menu confirms us in this hope. The service is particularly neat.

The disappointment comes from dishes that, if they are honest, make you regret the check.

The lobster is very decent but is far from the best I’ve had. If cooking is not a problem, the taste is hardly discernible. We are far from Chausey’s lobster. And it’s not the nice pink apron which save the plate.

A la duchesse Anne

A la duchesse Anne

The disaster will come from the “soufflé Grand-Marnier” which will go back to the kitchen because totally missed. Under a lovely crust, total collapse. Most likely a blend too vigorous of the mixture or an oven at the wrong temperature.

The Suzette pancakes which replaced had no interest at all. They were also prepared in the kitchen and not in front of the customer, which borders on a lese-majesty for this preparation.

The digestive was offered to compensate for this bad experience.

So, what do you think ?

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