Le petit bouchon – Trouville – France Visit Review: 13,6

All for starters

- Laurent Guinet

If at first you could think of a Lyon inhabitant lost in Trouville, the name of little cork is perhaps more reference to the float of fishing rods that we dined with perseverance at the edges of the docks at the time when we had this patience. What we will find in our old age …

Or is it the impressive list of wines and spirits à la carte that gave birth to this appellation? The current owners are not the founders, I leave you in doubt until the resolution of this enigma thrilling.

The chef, Laurent Guinet, worked at Frédéric Lesieur Spinnaker? That’s a good point. You can find this article here.

Classic and good fish soup as input. Rouille (mayonnaise version) with mustard seeds. Mackerel rillettes are mellow. The Espelette chilli agrees to raise the whole. Everything is fine.

Le petit Bouchon Soupe de poissons

Le petit Bouchon Fish soupe


Le petit Bouchon Rillettes de maquereaux

Le petit Bouchon Mackerell rillettes


If scallops are well cooked, quenelles mashed potatoes with truffle oil are barely warm. Too bad because they had good taste.

Le petit Bouchon Saint-Jaques purée truffée

Le petit Bouchon Scallops mash potatoes truffle


The hake fillet is well cooked but it is the assembly of taste that is a little wobbly. The hazelnut crust is nice, but related to cheese, on fish, it’s risky. The addition of Pak Choi cabbage, Espelette pepper (the chef likes) and the sorrel cream on the side is a bit too much.

Le petit Bouchon Merlu en croûte de noisettes

Le petit Bouchon Hake fillet nuts crust


Very nice plate for a nice dessert. The only worry when you buy beautiful plates like these is that the slightest chipping is unacceptable. You have a very beautiful 3/4 in the photo.

Le petit Bouchon Gaspacho de poire, tuile Carambar

Le petit Bouchon Pear gaspacho


We will notice a pretty cellar, with among others a selection of gins.

And a good Saint-Véran Domaine Innocenti

Le petit Bouchon Saint-Véran 2015

Le petit Bouchon Saint-Véran 2015


Check at 80,50 euros for 2.

Le petit Bouchon Addition

Le petit Bouchon Check


Date of the visite: 2018 January
Le petit Bouchon Gaspacho de poire, tuile Carambar

Tel: 00 33 9 83 53 94 05
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Lepetitbouchontrouville/
Addrese: 3 Rue de Verdun, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer

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