Les Etiquettes – Trouville – France Visit Review: 12,2

Still in my series “What is the No. 1 on Tripadvisor in this city?”, I tested Les Etiquettes in Trouville, which alternates regularly with Les Affiches.

Les Étiquettes Façade

Les Étiquettes Facade

The room is small, nice decoration around the wine, since it is true that the first selling point is the shelves of liquids that cover two walls. But all bottles are vertical, so we suspect that there is a very strong rotation. We are not here to keep but to turn. The written (therefore permanent) selection of wines is quite short and balanced. Then there are many interesting wines.

In terms of dishes, many plates that don’t require to much preparation work. Their real interest lies in a good selection of base elements, qualitative. Only the half saucisson with truffle does not have much interest even if I have no doubt that it pleases many customers.

Les Étiquettes Demi saucisson à la truffe

Les Étiquettes Half saucisson with truffle

The crostino with gratin is nice and generous.

Les Étiquettes Crostino gratiné

Les Étiquettes Crostino gratin

Same thing for the duck burger, with quality elements. But hey, it’s just a burger …

Les Étiquettes Burger canard

Les Étiquettes Burger canard

Only ravioli truffle and foie gras are really a kitchen a little worked. The whole is honest, the escalope of foie gras well cooked. I will not swear that the ravioli are homemade but they are of good quality. The cube parsnips that accompany the dish are seasonal. Bravo.

But it is a very sweet vegetable. With the fat of the liver, this makes a too similar assemblage. Even if the added chives in order to clarify all this, I will choose rather a vegetable a little more typed. I always thought that adding sugar to fat is too much.

That’s why I never take sweet wines on foie gras, Monbazillac (without T!) or Sauternes.

Les Étiquettes Ravioles truffe et foie gras

Les Étiquettes Ravioles truffe et foie gras

Sympathetic dessert: a dried fruits compote in red wine with several spices. Lemon ice cream and cactus (anecdotal!) just balance the massive dose of sugar.

Only regret, a star anise in the verrine. When you bite into it, the rest of the dessert is dead.

The answer from the waitress and the chef: “It never happened, the customers never complained”, is not one.


Les Étiquettes Compotée de fruits secs vin rouge

Les Étiquettes Compotée de fruits secs vin rouge

What is a bit (choose from the list according to your mood) fun, hilarious, disconcerting, despairing is the incredible series of rave reviews on TripAdvisor. Between (I quote): excellent, PERFECT, a delicacy, a must, succulent … (I stop the litany), we do not know where to turn.

To conclude, it’s a nice address as there are many. Its main interests lie in a selection of quality products, generous starters and a good selection of wines. It’s a nice place, cozy.

Check a bit high of 10% but we are in Trouville.

Les Etiquettes Addition

Les Etiquettes Addition

As for the service, it is friendly unlike some comments read. But it is true that it was winter so quieter. I have no doubt that in summer, the two waitresses must be a little more “hard”. Normal. There are many more people and there is a certain type of customers in Deauville / Trouville who must know how to watch so as not to see a service go into a spin.

According to the rules of the site, minus one point for the toilet, clean but not Handicap nor doubles.

Date of the visite: 2018 January
Terrace ,TripAdvisor ,West-France
Les Étiquettes Demi saucisson à la truffe

Tel: 00 33 2 31 88 68 64
Addrese: 65 Rue des Bains, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer

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