Thoumieux – Paris – France Visit Review: 11

Thoumieux ? Could do largely better!

- Sylvestre Wahid

It took me years to walk through the door again. The memories I had of his old version made me fear the eternal regret of a lost Golden Age, the inevitable “it was better before“. From what I had read, I knew that I would not find my cassoulet, my Pinot Noir, my red velvet banquettes.

But all this is not a valid reason to boycott ad vitam aeternam the place and the second table of Sylvestre Wahid.


Thoumieux Salle

Thoumieux Dining Room

Thoumieux Chiens de faïence...

Thoumieux Glaring at each other …

Let’s push the door. The local is pleasant and in the dim light. We will notice a very good work of architect who placed the mirrors covering the central columns of support with a perfect equidistance. So there is no visual stall when the look covers and the middle and the bottom of the room. But with an inconvenience, it is that with the reflection of the lights and the decorations with the infinity, it becomes almost dizzying to look at the mirrors. It is better to fix one’s plate so as not to leave the scene. But the floral and plant decoration promised before the recovery two years ago did not last long.

On the other hand, I would like to know (in fact, no!) The designer who imagined the visual of the name. His only question probably was: “How am I going to make it even more illegible? Boileau ‘s Poetic Art was not meant to be his bedside book!

Thoumieux Thoumieux

Thoumieux Thoumieux

Let’s talk about serious things.

The least we can say is that the map is interesting. It harmoniously mixes classic dishes like foie gras or deer à la Royale and more cosmopolitan touches with quinoa, kale and pomegranate or salmon fillet cooked with seaweed, quince and tandoori spices.

Everyone has it for his wishes.

Thoumieux Carte

Thoumieux Menu


It’s the paté and the deer that will catch my attention; quinoa and scallops for my friend.

The appetizer is composed of an Italian sheep cheese with some spices and a flask of olive oil. This one is scarcely ardent and not at all bitter. What to please the greatest number. It is true that one should not martyrize the palate at the beginning of a meal. The small bowl coarse salt will be necessary because the condiment is completely absent from the bowl. So inedible as such. Some radishes.

Thoumieux Amuse-bouche

Thoumieux Amuse-bouche

The plate and the paté are very beautiful, and good. It is not a simple agglomerate of flesh piled up, there is a setting up of the levels which proves a good attention in the manufacture. Again, salt is needed. We are far from the 18 grams of salt per kilo of mass.

Thoumieux Pâté en croute de sanglier

Thoumieux Pâté with wild boar

The plate of quinoa would be able to reconcile me with this seed which, I confess very subjectively, I don’t appreciate. Its invasion of stalls and plates for reasons of both diet and food mode tires me. The plate is fresh and well balanced.

Thoumieux Quinoa, avocat, chou kale, grenade

Thoumieux Quinoa, avocado, cabbage kale, pomegranate


The wine service makes me suddenly notice that my glass has passed through all the human controls. A beautiful trail of dirt that you can observe in the photo.

Thoumieux Verre mal lavé

Thoumieux Glass badly washed


The main dishes are good but suffer from the same defect: they are lukewarm. Bizarre because the dining room was almost empty so no worries of service. Cooking scallops was good despite everything. So probably dishes that have gone on the way until someone wants to take care of them.

Thoumieux Chevreuil confit façon Royale

Thoumieux Deer à la Royale

Thoumieux, Saint-Jacques poireaux grillés

Thoumieux, scallops grilled leeks

One could say that all this is a little amateurish if there is still a certain quality of product.

But it’s the dessert that makes us work alongside the malpractice. I took a Blanc-manger and see it coming … a floating island! Referral error? Of course not! It seems that the cooker has made the reinterpretation of recipes, as it has been a rather bad habit for some time in restaurants “fashionable“. Except that between the first and the second, there is almost as much in common as between a sauerkraut of the sea and a couscous méchoui! And the worst is that on the bill is well charged a floating island! Go figure …

Thoumieux Faux Blanc-Manger

Thoumieux False Blanc-manger

Thoumieux Faux Blanc-Manger 2

Thoumieux False Blanc-manger 2

Apart from this “detail”, my floating island was very good, in addition to being very beautiful. Even if a little expensive.

A bottle of Gigondas.

Thoumieux Gigondas Les Grames 2015 Philippe Cartoux

Thoumieux Gigondas The Grames 2015 Philippe Cartoux

What more ?

The staff is friendly but knows little about cooking. I know my rating is quite low but we are in a place that has pretensions and despite the quality of the dishes, the result is insufficient. The errors are multiple. At 231 euros for all this, it becomes inexcusable.

As he was (very often!) written on my school report: can do better!

Check of 231 euros for 2.

Thoumieux Addition

Thoumieux Check

Date of the visite: 2017 December

Tel: 01 47 05 79 00
Addrese: 79 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

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