Amateur of good food, with a Baccalaureate degree in Literature-Philosophy at 19 and a CAP Cooking / Ferrandi at 51,

I propose you my appreciations about the restaurants and hotels I have visited during my travels from Paris to Prague, Denver to Deauville or New-York to New-Delhi.

Neither permanent dithyrambs, nor pseudo-poetic lyrical surge, nor unfair squaring only to make the buzz, but  fine  words mixed with technical analysis. As we are in a Global Village, the blog is of course  bilingual.

For simplicity, 3 categories :
-« Gold » : best tables (but who’s counting?)
-« Red » : nice intermediate tables (between 40 and 80 euros)
-« Blue » : unsophisticated restaurants but with quality food (less than 40 euros)

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One unique advice? Avoid a blog which is not giving a date of visit in its article.

La Truffière (i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 16

Sublimation of the vegetable

There are houses whose constancy and perseverance in adversity must be commended. La Truffière had suffered a fire in 2002, which forced it to abandon its elegant fireplace (when you are kept by safety standards). It had waited years for a Michelin star, which has been significantly faster for other establishments. At the departure of Jean-Christophe Rizet, the same guide removed this [...]
La Truffière Tartelette croquante sot-l'y-laisse de près !

Juste – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,6


Calimero because I was not going to make a basic pun about the name of the restaurant. But I think after reading my article, the owners will say: it's an injustice! It is ranked high on Trip Advisor, though, as usual, some rate a fast food establishment as a real restaurant. The concept is funny : you select your dishes on a stall of fishmonger. The food is precooked and packaged in [...]
Juste Bulots

Le repaire des Ours – Le Fayet – France Visit Review: 8,8

An Ogre in bear lair

When you have a change of ownership, at some point, it's still a mess. In this case, the FaceBook Page is still held by the former manager, the website is in the road. And everyone complains that it's not the same anymore. Indeed, the lady who receives you is really far from being kind. She is lucky to have an elderly but super-nice waitress to round the corners with the guests. You [...]
Le repaire des Ours Opéra blanc

Le 5e Cru – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

Small friendly cafeteria of the 5th arrondissement whose main activity is selling wines. Some tables and a simple menu to eat. An honest rabbit terrine even if a little compact.   A duck breast of very good taste but served rare while requested rosé. Eggplant donuts with a little bit chaotic form.   Classic Tatin tart. Puff pastry a little elastic. [...]
5e Cru Terrine de lapin

Mouffetard Saigon – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,6

Rue Mouffetard is always a neighborhood where the choice of the restaurant turns out to be a flip-flop, between the tourist traps and the extremely rare establishment that stands out. True to my reputation as a fighter of the impossible, I took my courage with both hands to find a small address at affordable prices.     As fortune favors the brave, I was not [...]
Mouffetard Saïgon Com Goi La Sen

Crabe Royal – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,6

Then I say Bravo !

Then I say Bravo, not so much for the quality of food but especially for a perfectly orchestrated marketing concept. First, you place "Royal" in your name, it immediately pretty rocks! You are settling place Madeleine, you can only be good fellowships. You take a filthy animal (the Kamchatka crab) which is an ecological disaster but with fine flesh and you sell it as the best crab in [...]
Crabe Royal Assortiment 3 pattes de crabe

La Fine Gueule – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,4

Is sympathy enough ?

This is the question that arises out of this wine cellar that offers some dishes, more in table d'hôte format than real restaurant. We know that we do not come here to enjoy exceptional dishes. The welcome is warm, friendly, we want to be drift. But a vegetable soup is simple, not complicated. And often good. But do not forget simple things like rinsing the leeks (cut the head [...]
La fine gueule Soupe légumes

H Kitchen – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,4

Not for the setting !

The least we can say is that you don't come here for the setting. Japanese people have generally accustomed us to much better. It's not that it's ugly, it's not that it's extravagant, but there is nothing! It is no longer Japanese sobriety, it is as warm as a Siberian storm swooping on Hokkaido an evening of November. Tables, chairs, a touch of paint to renovate, white and brown, not [...]
H Kitchen Filet mignon de porc croustillant

Plume – Paris – France Visit Review: 13

Price of author

I am always worried when someone self-proclaims "author". After all, the influence of my literary studies obliges, is it not up to the reader to decide who is an author? And then you have to be careful. Barbara Cartland or Henry Bordeaux are authors. One for the worse, the other completely forgotten.     But the plate of gnocchi with tarragon, watercress, rabbit and [...]
Plume Millefeuille de ricotta

Le Cherche Midi (Dum Dum !) – Paris – France Visit Review: 9,6

Carnage at Colonnata...

  What more can you shout than "Murderers!" when you make a Bacon Colonnata suffer as they do in this establishment? And yet, the College Culinaire de France label could make believe that here they respect such a beautiful product. The photo tickles your brain? Oh yes ! Not only is there a lemon, but the bacon is bathed in this juice. No sooner it has passed the door of [...]
Le Cherche Midi Colonnata