Amateur of good food, with a Baccalaureate degree in Literature-Philosophy at 19 and a CAP Cooking / Ferrandi at 51,

I propose you my appreciations about the restaurants and hotels I have visited during my travels from Paris to Prague, Denver to Deauville or New-York to New-Delhi.

Neither permanent dithyrambs, nor pseudo-poetic lyrical surge, nor unfair squaring only to make the buzz, but  fine  words mixed with technical analysis. As we are in a Global Village, the blog is of course  bilingual.

For simplicity, 3 categories :
-« Gold » : best tables (but who’s counting?)
-« Red » : nice intermediate tables (between 40 and 80 euros)
-« Blue » : unsophisticated restaurants but with quality food (less than 40 euros)

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One unique advice? Avoid a blog which is not giving a date of visit in its article.

Melting Pot – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,4

Whatever the category of restaurants, good workers must be promoted. The Melting Pot will never claim to have a gastronomic guide, but at least it offers burgers whose meat is always fresh, from the neighboring butcher. It's better than frozen products. In the same state of mind, pretty quality bread. And our owner has the same requirement for his wine selection. It's true [...]
Melting Pot Burger

Loubnane -Paris – France Visit Review: 15,8

Real Lebanon from cellar to attic

Can we still be objective when we have known a restaurant for almost 30 years? We can always try. But, indeed, there is not much to say about the cuisine offered by the Loubnane. Even a (critical!) Lebanese friend of mine, who discovered the place three years ago, made it one of her canteens. That's all there is to it!     Loubnane Table haut [...]
Loubnane Assortiment mezzés 2

Madame Shawn – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,6

On step beyond!

The archetype of the restaurant that is talked about in the press, and that makes the buzz. Did Mrs. Shawn ever exist, or is it a marketing concept wholly invented? The website is silent on this subject.     And then what? Well, well, well, well. A friendly and very thoughtful decor, an equally thoughtful menu, in its design and originality, but, as Wendy's (and [...]
Madame Shawn Mu kra ta et riz

L’Epigramme – Paris – France Visit Review: 15

Unknown and stupid marquise...

No lamb à la carte because the epigram (female) is not just a satire. The word (male) comes from a cloddish marquise asking her cook to prepare the same epigrams that her guests would have enjoyed at the Count of Vaudreuil's the day before. The poor cook Michelet will stay in History because, not knowing what to do, he braised lamb breast with chops. The "Epigrams of lamb à la [...]
L'Epigramme Oeuf 64°

Rosalie – Provins – France Visit Review: 12,4

A small and friendly canteen in Provins, Rosalie Grill is a simple and unpretentious chef.     The small menu at 19.90 euros offers a few slices of fried squid with a chili sauce. Brie's crispy would have deserved to be a little warmer.     The Rossini tuna may not have deserved its slice of foie gras and even less its three scoops of mint ice [...]
Rosalie Grill Dos de thon Rossini

Au pied de fouet – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,6

In the series "we are looking for a good restaurant in a tourist street", let's explore Saint-Benoit Street. We start today with Au pied de fouet, a small two-level establishment that is still in its juice.         We start with an excellent homemade terrine, made of large pieces of rabbit and veal head. The whole gives a soft texture. We smell [...]
Au pied de fouet Terrine Maison

56 Degrés – Copenhagen – Denmark Visit Review: 11,6

Overcooked !

With Amass, 56 Degrés is one of Copenhagen's disappointing restaurants even if he is much less pretentious than his neighbor. But we are with restaurants that believe they have invented lukewarm water and that, under the pretext that they will make you understand what it means to return to nature, let themselves go to approximations that neither the bill nor the experiments can [...]
56 Graader/Degrés Feuilles plus beurre blanc

La Vierge (de la réunion) – Paris – France Visit Review: 17,2

Well, that's not difficult!

Well, that's not difficult! Well yes, it's not that difficult to work well and serve a quality E/P/D menu at 20 euros! Some people can do it, and in Paris too! And without sinking into the steak and chips!       By offering you original appetizers such as a Panzanella, a friendly Italian preparation that Tommaso Melilli talks about much better than I could [...]
La vierge de la réunion Caille rôtie

Crêperie Onze – La Garenne-Colombes – France Visit Review: 15,6

Souvenirs! Souvenirs!

How many remembrances reminded me of this Master Class organized by the owners of the Onze crêperie! Work of the dough as Françoise Caradec, a pancakes maker from my childhood in Fouesnant did. With her muscular arms (and yes, no machine drummer!), she kneaded buckwheat flour, water, and eggs by hand.       And that's how this Garenne-Colombes restaurant [...]
Crêperie Onze Crêpe et rozell

Bouillon Pigalle – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,2

I bow

God knows I had my preconceptions about this restaurant which, in a short time, managed to get far so many praising articles. I didn't push the door of my own but following a family reunion. Exceptional luck, I avoided the frightening queue managed more than disorderly.     Without corrupting anyone, we were placed on the terrace of the first floor, thus avoiding [...]
Bouillon Pigalle Eclair chocolat